Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic

Church & Shrine

The parish has established a policy manual for all parish organizations to abide by in order to fundraise through Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. The forms from the manual have been listed here for you. Once you have completed your forms, you may submit them to the Parish Secretary.

Confidentiality Agreement​

This form is a guideline that all volunteers are expected to comply with in regard to sensitive parish or parishioner information.

Signed annually by an officer of the group and represents the organization as a whole.

Request for Fundraising Approval

Once your parish organization has decided to host a fundraiser, we are asking that the group submit a request for fundraising. You should have an answer from the parish office within a week of submitting your request.

Submitted and signed by an officer of the organization as needed, preferably six weeks prior to the event.

Social Media Policy

This policy is provided by the Diocese and only applies to groups who wish to have a presence on the various social media outlets.

Signed annually by an officer of the group and represents the organization as a whole.

Forms for Parish Organizations

Facility Use Request

This form is for reserving the hall, church or other church property to host your event. Please note that any fundraisers must be approved before submitting your request to reserve a facility.

Submitted and signed by an officer of the organization as needed, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. 

Contact Information
This form is needed by the Parish Secretary in order to have the latest information on each group's leadership.

Submitted at least annually and as often as leadership with the group changes.

Acknowledgement of Receipt

This form is an acknowledgement that the parish organization has received the Parish Policy & Guideline Manual and agrees to comply by the policies set forth by the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils.

Signed annually by at least two officers of the organization.