Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic

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Our Catholic Faith Explained

What does it mean to be Catholic? Who was the last prophet of the Old Testament and why is he important? What is the history behind our faith? Learn more about the meaning of some of our prayers and sacraments. Answer these questions and more through this booklet to help you understand the basic foundation of Catholicism and some of our practices.

The Holy Week Story

(Solamente disponible en Inglés)

What do we celebrate during Holy Week? Why is it an important week in our faith? How did Jesus suffer? Jesus died for our sins and offers his salvation through his body and blood. Learn more about the story here.

¿Qué celebramos durante la Semana Santa? ¿Por qué es una semana importante de nuestra fe? ¿Cómo sufrió Jesús? Jesús murió por nuestros pecados y nos ofrece la salvación através de su cuerpo y sangre. Conozca la historia aquí.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

(Available in both English and Spanish)

Especially made for the children who are preparing to make their first confession, it is important that they understand the proper way to confess.

You can download this booklet in English here.

Sacramento de Reconciliación

(Disponible en Inglés y Español)

Especialmente hecha para los niños que se están preparando para hacer su primera confesión, es importante que conozcan la manera propia de confesarse.

Puede bajar el libro en Español aquí.