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quinceaÑERA celebrationS

The celebration of the Quinceañera is a special time for the girl and her family. Parents and friends publicly present her as a gesture of thanks and gratitude for the gift of life.  For the quinceañera, it is an affirmation of her commitment to Christ.  The quinceañera, though not a sacrament, is sacramental and therefore, can be celebrated in different forms depending on the family’s needs and its participation in the life of the parish.

Parents of young ladies wishing to recieve the blessing for their quinceañera must make arrangements through the parish office atleast six months before any other arrangements are made. The young lady must be a registered parishioner and must be attending Catholic Religious Education classes and must have made her First Communion.

Classes are held throughout the year to prepare the quinceañera to receive her blessing and to understand the significance of this celebration.

Please call the office for more information.